Arthritis Management: Tips when Exercising

Do you have a loved one suffering from arthritis? This is one of the common chronic conditions among Americans, especially to seniors. Because of these painful joints, seniors will have the difficulty in moving around, which can affect their quality life. However, while arthritis can be painful, the pain can also be managed through physical exercise.

As your trusted partner in providing Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland, we would like to share the following tips on how arthritis pain can be managed so that your loved one can still exercise.

  • Give Priority in Managing the Pain
    It is ideal to first control the pain before undergoing any regimen. To address this, you need to closely coordinate with your physician so they can provide appropriate treatments for the pain. Follow their prescriptions especially on medications that stop the pain and inflammation. When the pain is treated, you can now proceed on doing the routines you wanted to do.
  • Consult the Doctor
    Similar to what was previously cited, close coordination with your physician is very helpful in managing your arthritis pains. Along with this, your physician can also provide appropriate recommendations as to the preferred exercise routines that can help treat arthritis pains.
  • Apply Workout Transition
    It is also important to integrate warm-up before the actual workout and then cool-down right after the workout. These transitions can prevent shock reactions to your joints so that your body can properly respond to the repeated movements.
  • Use Low-impact Routines
    As your provider of assisted living services, we also recommend that you apply low-impact exercise routines to avoid stressing your joints. These routines include swimming, stationary cycling, and even yoga or Tai Chi. These activities are able to stretch your body while at the same time reduce the chances of complicating your joints.
  • Use Mixed Routines
    It can also be helpful to manage arthritis pains by working out with different kinds of routines. Avoid using the same routine as it can become boring to your loved one. Along with that, exercising with different routines can train their strength and flexibility, helping them to increase their strength in different aspects.
  • Strengthen Arthritic Muscles
    When you exercise, it is also ideal to work out the muscle areas very close to the joints where the arthritis is. As the surrounding muscles of the joint are strengthened, the muscles can help a lot in supporting the joints so that pains can be reduced.

You can stop letting arthritis get the best out of your loved one. With exercising and assistance from trusted nurses providing Skilled Nursing in Maryland, your loved one can efficiently manage their chronic conditions so that they can continue to live a quality life.

If your loved one is in need of support and assistance in managing their health care needs at home, our team at Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC is ready to back you up. Just schedule an appointment so we can get started.

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