Caregiver Notes for Bathing and Hygiene

In providing quality care, bathing and hygiene are important and challenging for both the care provider and the patient.
healthcare service in Mitchellville, Maryland considers effective bathing and hygiene practices that are worthwhile for the seniors. Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC understands bathing assistance is not just physically strenuous. This simple activity requires emotional support.
When a stranger has to bathe a senior, they might feel uneasy or uncomfortable. Below are some pointers to ensure bathing and hygiene in assisted living is done with care:

  • Have a bathing schedule

    To cope with discomfort or uncertainty, the caregiver can inform the senior in advance of the bathing schedule. This can be a daily sponge bath or an every-other-day full bath. They could also work out for a preferred time.

  • Keep a natural conversation

    A provider of skilled nursing in Maryland understands that bath time may not be a very pleasant experience for seniors. Keeping a friendly and comfortable environment through natural conversation helps the elders relax. This also reduces feelings of embarrassment as the patient feels connected with the care provider. Although this might not happen in the first few sessions, eventually, a connection will be established through conversations.

  • Ensure safety is prioritized

    With limited mobility, bathing can pose risks for seniors. Falls and slips may happen. Certain home aids such as bars or skid-free rugs can improve a senior’s safety. The caregiver must first ensure that an environment is safe before bathing or washing is started. Checking the temperature of the bath can also make seniors feel more comfortable.

Caring for seniors may not be an easy job, but it will always be worthwhile.

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