Survival Tips for Homebound Patients Living Alone

Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC understands certain conditions make homebound patients live alone. While living alone is anybody’s choice, sometimes the closest family members live in distant locations or that they cannot stay for a long time. Whatever the circumstances, our Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland delivers quality care for you. Our Skilled Nursing in Maryland prioritizes your care. We respect … Continue reading

The Bi-PAP Therapy for Sleep Apnea

If you or someone you loved is diagnosed with sleep apnea, you might be looking at the different options your sleep physician has prescribed. Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC, your chosen provider of Skilled Nursing in Maryland understands sleeping disorders can get difficult and threatening. As the condition prevents normal breathing during sleep, breathing devices are necessary to prevent … Continue reading

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Getting More From Vitamin A: Functions and Sources

As your chosen provider of healthcare service in Mitchellville, Maryland, Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC, prioritizes your health above anything else. A healthy body comes from healthy practices and food choices, and we incorporate this into our assisted living program. Our meal preparation and management ensures that you get the right amount of necessary nutrients from delicious meal choices. One important … Continue reading

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How to Engage Family Members in Respite Care?

Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC has been providing reliable skilled nursing in Maryland. We have witnessed how the comfort and familiarity of the home bring a positive benefit to the patient. However, we have also deeply understood the challenges when patients stay at home. It is this thought that our healthcare service in Mitchellville, Maryland, provide solutions that not only … Continue reading

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