Physical Activities for Seniors to Try

Research suggests there are significant health benefits for adults more than 65 years old who engage in different forms of physical activities. To promote wellbeing in our patients, Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC understands these benefits of staying active. When you are looking for a Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland, check how care services are provided. A comprehensive … Continue reading

The Care That Is More Than Personal

The best care outcome you are looking for from a Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland would be about giving care with humanity, dignity, and professionalism. At Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC, providing care is a holistic commitment.   Assisted living understands that there are special needs our loved one has and that giving this support requires the most emphatic approach. … Continue reading

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What Causes a Spinal Cord Injury?

There are many causes of spinal cord injury. Damage to any part of the spinal cord, including the nerves at the end, may lead to permanent damage to a person’s sensitivity to sensation and strength.   A spinal cord injury is very serious, especially in the case of seniors. If you need assistance for your … Continue reading

Caregiver Notes for Bathing and Hygiene

In providing quality care, bathing and hygiene are important and challenging for both the care provider and the patient.   A healthcare service in Mitchellville, Maryland considers effective bathing and hygiene practices that are worthwhile for the seniors. Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC understands bathing assistance is not just physically strenuous. This simple activity requires emotional support.   When a … Continue reading

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