How to Comfort Your Loved One Who Has Chronic Pain

No one would wish to live in pain for the rest of their lives. Yet, for someone with chronic pain, this will be their cross to bear. As a provider of Skilled Nursing in Maryland, we know that living with chronic pain can bring real struggles. These struggles are both for the patient and their … Continue reading

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Post-stroke Care: How to Assist Your Loved One

Stroke is like a thief. It steals our physical functions, robs our joy for life, and in worse cases, can take away our life. So when someone survives stroke, you can see it as another lease for life. However, going through the recovery phase also has its own set of challenges. This is one thing … Continue reading

Arthritis Management: Tips when Exercising

Do you have a loved one suffering from arthritis? This is one of the common chronic conditions among Americans, especially to seniors. Because of these painful joints, seniors will have the difficulty in moving around, which can affect their quality life. However, while arthritis can be painful, the pain can also be managed through physical … Continue reading

Senior Care Tip: Hydration Options

Hydration is an essential aspect of quality senior care. This is a health phase wherein our body has enough water to be able to function well. When we lack a sufficient amount of water, we get dehydrated. As providers of Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland, this is one of the issues we cover when we’re … Continue reading