How Skilled Nurses Assist in Diabetes Management

At present, diabetes is still incurable but is already manageable. When you or a loved one is diagnosed with diabetes, you can still go on to live in their aging years ahead when their condition is properly managed. Seniors with diabetes will need the help of nurses providing Skilled Nursing in Maryland as most of the management tasks are already medically related.

Here are the ways that skilled nurses can provide assistance to patients in managing diabetes:

  • Patient Assessment

    Our skilled nurses can help assess your diabetes condition and what other healthy activities or treatments are ideal for you. They can also interpret the doctor’s instructions or prescriptions so that you can apply these properly at home. They will provide trusted advice on when is it time to seek additional medical care or visit the doctor for another checkup.

  • Assist in Glucose Monitoring

    Diabetes patients need to always monitor their glucose level to ensure that it’s still in the healthy range. Senior patients may need help in checking for their glucose level as they may no longer be able to hold the glucose strip well. They may also need assistance in properly reading the results of the test.

  • Preventing Wound Infections

    As part of a team providing Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland, skilled nurses are also tasked to prevent infections in wounds of diabetic patients. Wounds can take time to heal for these patients due to the complications brought about by diabetes. When healing is slow, the wound can be easily infected. Skilled nurses cleanse and dress the wounds properly so infection cannot occur.

  • Health Education

    Our skilled nurses also provide health education to the patient and their loved ones as to how to properly manage diabetes when the patient is on their own or with other family members. Included in this education are the reminders on what particular foods to eat, important activities to do, and how to prevent other health complications.

  • Helps Prevent Worsening of Diabetes

    Aside from education, our skilled nurses can also assist your loved one in actually doing the activities that can push diabetic complications at bay. Diabetics need to undergo regular exercises and eat healthy meals. These are things that our skilled nurses can assist your loved one with especially when they are homebound.

  • Care with Compassion

    Skilled nurses are trained to provide adequate training but also with compassion. When we’re attending to the diabetic care needs of your loved one, you can trust that we will do so with your best interests in mind. This is just how we do it as professional skilled nurses.

Is your diabetic loved one in need of assisted living services in your home? Our skilled nursing team is ready to supply you with help. To set an appointment with us at Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC, feel free to contact us.

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