How to Comfort Your Loved One Who Has Chronic Pain

No one would wish to live in pain for the rest of their lives. Yet, for someone with chronic pain, this will be their cross to bear. As a provider of Skilled Nursing in Maryland, we know that living with chronic pain can bring real struggles. These struggles are both for the patient and their family members.

Chronic pain shows through painful sensations. It has already been tormenting the person for at least three months and onwards. Many factors cause these painful sensations. However, regardless of the reasons, these pains can affect a person’s quality of life. So when your family member is going through this kind of experience, here are some ways to give them comfort.

  • Recognize Emotional Outbursts

    It is important to remember that when someone is undergoing painful moments, their emotions may also be unstable. Because of that, they may exhibit outbursts that may surprise you. Try to understand that these outbursts are only because of the pain and not against you. When you recognize this, you can be a better comforter to them.

  • Mind Your Words

    When interacting with your loved one going through chronic pain, be mindful of your words. If possible, use statements that center on their condition and issues, rather than on them as a person. This way, you will avoid placing your loved one in a defensive mode. This is also a principle we follow as a provider of Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland.

  • Validate their Pain

    The painful situations can be difficult to empathize when we don’t really intend to put ourselves in our loved one’s shoes. However, this crucial step is important so we can validate their pain. To validate their pain means to agree with them that their pain is real and that it gives them discomfort. Avoid telling them that it will go away because that is not what they are feeling at the moment. Your validation can be very comforting in a surprising way.

  • Specify Your Help

    If you also intend to assist your loved one as they cope with their pain, specify the kind of help you want to give. When you do this, you’re keeping your loved one from thinking about what you can help them with. As a result, they can focus more on managing their painful symptoms. For instance, offer to get their medications at the medicine kit. These small gestures already mean great for your loved one in pain.

Even if we don’t invite chronic pain, this really happens to some of us. So as a provider of assisted living services, our team at Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC is ready to help you. When you need extra hands in caring for your loved one with chronic pain, contact us. Feel free to let us know how we can be of help to you. Set an appointment with our team so we can assess your loved one’s needs.

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