How to Reduce Sodium in the Diet

As your trusted provider of Skilled Nursing in Maryland, Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC believes your welfare is the top priority. We have seen many patients and families face life’s challenges. With appropriate care management, the patient’s conditions are addressed effectively.

One of the conditions a Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland face is complications of high blood pressure. Although there are varied lifestyle changes to prevent or lower the risk of developing the condition, altering the diet can be a simple way to start.

Shifting to healthy diets and reducing sodium content in the meals can improve heart health. Studies also show a reduction in the blood pressure from 5 to 6 mm Hg for those suffering from high blood.

Reading food labels before making the purchase gives you the idea of the nutrition content of what you’re buying. Low-sodium alternatives are available for both food and beverages. When evaluating your options, you can always compare the products with the least sodium content.

Instead of adding salt to season your dish, try herbs or spices as alternatives. They add more flavor to your food. There are many spices you can choose from that will suit your taste. In our assisted living services, we help address nutrition requirements and dietary restrictions.

As much as possible, avoid as little salt as you can. However, this change does not happen in one snap. Your palate needs to adapt and you can do so over time. Try recording your target sodium level and slowly reduce the amount. This would give you time to adjust, at the same time, make the change achievable.

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