Hydration Options for Seniors

Hydration is an essential aspect of quality senior care. This is a health phase wherein our body has enough water to be able to function well. When we lack a sufficient amount of water, we get dehydrated. As providers of Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland, this is one of the issues we cover when we’re caring for your senior loved one at home.

Seniors are very risky for dehydration. One of the prominent reasons is that they don’t feel thirsty very often. When they don’t realize they’re thirsty, they will not want to drink water, which puts them at risk for dehydration. Furthermore, when they get dehydrated, other health complications may arise.

However, some seniors are not inclined to drinking water often. When this is the case, they can be at risk of dehydration. Can you still manage to prevent dehydration even when they don’t prefer to drink water very often? As your partner in providing Skilled Nursing in Maryland, we say YES. Here are other drink options that you can give to your aging loved one to keep them hydrated.

  • Pure Fruit Juice

    Aside from water, there are a lot of fruits with tasty juices that serve as an alternative to drinking water. If you want to serve them with fruit juice, just ensure that these are 100% fruit juice. Avoid serving them with processed juice as these may contain other ingredients that are not recommended for their health.

  • Fruit-infused Water

    When it’s not pure fruit juice, your senior loved one can also stay hydrated with fruit-infused water. This is their usual drinking water but with some added fruits such as slices of lemons or cucumber. The fruits help enhance the water’s flavor, and this can entice seniors to drink more often.

  • Savory Soup

    Seniors can also be hydrated with soup as part of their regular meals. The great thing about soup is that it can help them feel both full and hydrated. It will be ideal when their soup or broth also contains pure healthy ingredients, so that their overall health can still be cared for.

  • Fruit Shakes

    When your senior loved one prefers sweeter drinks, opt for a fruit shake. These are pure fruits mixed with other healthy ingredients that can serve as dessert and hydration source. This is also ideal for seniors who enjoy drinking sweets. You can be confident in serving them with fruit shakes knowing that fruits are healthy for their age.

These are only among the commonly selected options to ensure that seniors can stay hydrated when they have some concerns about drinking water. We hope you find this as greatly helpful in caring for your loved one.

Also, if you need extra hands to back you up in caring for your loved one, we have an expert team who can provide assisted living services. Simply set an appointment with us at Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC so we can start planning for your loved one’s care program.

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