Physical Activities for Seniors to Try

Research suggests there are significant health benefits for adults more than 65 years old who engage in different forms of physical activities. To promote wellbeing in our patients, Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC understands these benefits of staying active.

When you are looking for a Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland, check how care services are provided. A comprehensive care program includes different aspects of an individual’s wellbeing. Here are some physical activities you can do with your loved one to ensure they keep moving:

  • Aerobic exercises include endurance activities.

    Simple aerobic activities can include brisk walking, dancing, jogging, biking, or swimming. You may do which tasks your loved one can do and that they feel safe doing.

  • Muscle-strengthening activities include exercises for major muscle groups.

    While this sounds like coming off from the gym, in assisted living services, these might be included in their daily tasks such as light grocery lifting, gardening, and others.

  • Balancing activities help improve the sense of balance in adults.

    Past difficulty in walking might increase the risk of falls as they get older. Balance exercises such as backward walking, sideways walking, and heel walking help prepare loved ones.

  • Flexibility exercises include stretching exercises.

    For senior loved ones, stretching activities might initially come off as difficult. However, like almost all the other physical activities, this kind of exercise can come from daily activities such as reaching out to the hand to grab something or lifting the foot.

Overall welfare for your loved one is available through Skilled Nursing in Maryland.

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