Post-stroke Care: How to Assist Your Loved One

Stroke is like a thief. It steals our physical functions, robs our joy for life, and in worse cases, can take away our life. So when someone survives stroke, you can see it as another lease for life. However, going through the recovery phase also has its own set of challenges. This is one thing we are familiar with as a provider of Skilled Nursing in Maryland.

So, did your loved one survive stroke recently? Then this post is for you. Yet, even if you don’t have a family member who has had stroke, the insights you gain can still help you. If your friend has family members who also survived stroke, you can share the insights you learned here. Here are helpful tips when assisting a family member who is recovering from stroke.

  • Promote their Independence

    It is unhealthy to presume that just because they had stroke, they are no longer capable of doing some things. For instance, give them the independence to comb their hair or brush their teeth when they are already strong enough to do so. This sense of independence can uplift someone who feels robbed of strength due to stroke.

  • Support their Routines

    If your loved one has therapist-prescribed exercise routines, support them. Encourage them to stay committed to follow through in these routines. Speak to them with gentleness. Be their assistant in finishing the routines. These simple forms of support can already affirm that you’re behind their back. This way, your loved one’s wellbeing improves.

  • Be their Advocate

    As a provider of Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland, we know how stroke recovery can be very demanding. There may be items about their health and condition that your loved one is not able to fully express on their own. Make sure that you know their personal progress so that you can speak for them before their healthcare team.

  • Manage Risk Factors

    After their stroke, your loved one’s risk of having another stroke has increased. As their family member, you can be at the forefront of ensuring that these risks cut. Always check their blood pressure, watch their diet, and help them to exercise. If you also need some help in caring for them at home, we have care providers who can assist you.

  • Know the Symptoms of Another Attack

    While we rejoice that our loved one has survived stroke, we also need to be wary because this also puts them at even greater risk for another attack. So know about the symptoms of another possible attack even if you don’t want this to happen. Knowledge can help you call for emergency help right away.

Indeed, there are various care challenges for someone recovering from stroke. If they will need assisted living arrangements, our care providers at Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC can back you up.

Would you like to know how else we can help you? Set an appointment with us today.

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