Principles of Wound Care Management

Across all ages, wound care is important. Wounds may come from different sources and are treated based on their nature. More care is given for seniors as wounds may lead to further complications or impact the quality of life.
When you need Skilled Nursing in Maryland, Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC goes the extra mile to provide additional services such as effective wound care management.
Basic wound assessment allows to further determine the nature of the wound, its type, location, and what tissues are affected. Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland delivers this service through a registered nurse or qualified nursing assistant.
Wound cleansing should be done carefully to minimize the trauma. The surrounding cells are new and fragile. Acute wound cleansing is best done through sterile isotonic saline or water which is warmed to body temperature.
When wounds are open, irrigation is the preferred approach to cleanse. This method improves wound hydration, removes deeper debris, and aids visual examination. The solution also removes surface pathogens. To loosen debris with gentle pressure, wound irrigation is performed by using a syringe. Extra caution is applied when gauze swabs and cotton wool are also used.
To prevent contamination from pathogens, an aseptic technique procedure is practiced. This non-touch technique works best when there is a need to protect key sites and parts surrounding the wound. Sterile gloves must be worn when it is necessary to directly touch these key parts.
There are more services in our assisted living programs, effective wound care management is just one of them. When you notice your loved one might need some wound care, let us know.

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