Survival Tips for Homebound Patients Living Alone

Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC understands certain conditions make homebound patients live alone. While living alone is anybody’s choice, sometimes the closest family members live in distant locations or that they cannot stay for a long time. Whatever the circumstances, our Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland delivers quality care for you.

Our Skilled Nursing in Maryland prioritizes your care. We respect your wish to stay as independent as possible. At the same time, we help you achieve the best outcome. As emergencies are not expected, here are some helpful notes to be kept in mind:

  • Keep emergency contacts and telephones within reach.

    Knowing where communication devices are located ensures faster action when you need to make an urgent call. Mobile phones or telephones must be kept in easily visible and within an arms-length area. Emergency contacts include family members, your medical support professionals, as well as emergency response agencies.

  • Keep cranes, walkers, and similar assistive devices within grasp.

    For patients with unsteady balance, walking without walkers or cranes can be dangerous. Especially when no one else is at home, nobody can respond to failed walking attempts. When you want to practice walking or moving around, you can freely do so in the presence of a healthcare provider or with a family member.

  • Ensure the home is suitable for you.

    In preparation for living alone, you can discuss safety measures with your medical provider. One of the important issues when patients are homebound concerns safety. This issue can be addressed by improving lighting in the stairways and ensuring handrails are strong and within good grasp. Clutters and unnecessary items must be thrown out or stored in a box.

There are many options to enjoy life. Our assisted living offers a different approach to care. Visit our website to know more.

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