The Care That Is More Than Personal

The best care outcome you are looking for from a Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland would be about giving care with humanity, dignity, and professionalism. At Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC, providing care is a holistic commitment.
Assisted living understands that there are special needs our loved one has and that giving this support requires the most emphatic approach. Our professionals relate to you to give effective care.
While similar services of Skilled Nursing in Maryland focus on the patient’s medical condition, our services also emphasize the care aspect. 
Personal care is ensuring your loved one gets the care they deserve. Whenever needed, our care staff can provide the following services:

  • Bathing assistance, grooming support, and personal hygiene.
    These basic activities are done with extra care considering patients might get uncomfortable in doing them. When patients feel good from being clean and presentable, their overall mood improves.
  • Meal planning, preparation, and meal assistance.
    Keeping track of dietary restrictions might be overwhelming. With meal planning and preparation, your family can focus on being with the loved one. Effective meal planning can also be shared with the family.
  • Transportation and mobility support.
    Getting to somewhere a loved one might like to go can get complicated, especially when there are limitations to mobility. With personal care, this burden may get a little lighter as our care staff can assist loved ones in moving around.
  • Safety.
    Safety is one of the topmost concerns of families for their loved ones. Family members might be worried about living with their patients at home. With our team, you have ensured safety is a priority.

Personal care is an important piece in providing quality care. Meet our care team to know more!

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