Tracheostomy Care: Important Guidelines

Difficulty in breathing is caused by many factors. There might be cases when there is an obstruction in the mouth or throat. Swelling or an injury could also contribute. At Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC, your care is our priority. This includes overall care management especially for patients after a tracheostomy procedure as part of our Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland.

Tracheostomy, dependent on the patient’s condition, can be temporary or permanent. Either way, our Skilled Nursing in Maryland can help the patients and their families better adapt to this new arrangement.

Getting used to a tracheostomy tube may take time. After the procedure, here are some guidelines to remember:

  • Write about what you want to say.

    Immediately after the operation, the patient needs to adjust his communication. He can start by writing to others until a healthcare provider can establish instruction for communication techniques. This can be frustrating to both the patient and the family. Along the way, you’d also recognize your own techniques or signals for better understanding.

  • Don’t remove any part of the tube without official instruction.

    It could get tempting to remove the outer cannula because of discomfort. Sometimes, patients would claim the tube still works without this part. Don’t do this unless your medical provider has given specific instructions.

  • Maximize tracheostomy covers to filter outside elements.

    As you see, tracheostomy serves as a passageway but does not protect your airway from impurities in the air like dust, microbes, etc. Tracheostomy covers are available for purchase. Ask your doctor about recommended devices to include in your purchase.

Thinking about assisted living programs? Call us to know more.

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