Tracheostomy Care Tips: Communicating with a Patient

Tracheostomy is a complex medical procedure. It requires diligent monitoring from providers of Skilled Nursing in Maryland. One of the challenges facing patients on tracheostomy is communication. Because of the tube inserted to their throat, their physicians will not allow them to talk.

While this procedure is essential for your loved one’s treatment, it can also let them feel isolated. When they are not having regular social interaction, they can feel just that. How can you overcome this challenge?

Let us share with you some helpful tips:

  • Ensure that their surroundings encourage conversations.

    It can be difficult for your loved one to turn to your direction when you’re talking to them from a distance; so avoid having these kinds of instances. When talking to them, ensure that you face them and that you are close to them. Even if they will not give verbal answers, they will still hear you and understand you clearly. Along with that, reduce any background noise when talking to them. Turn off the TV or radio when there’s a need to communicate with each other.

  • Help them to answer.

    Even if your loved one cannot talk, they can still respond to you. They can smile, nod their head, or write. Because of that, it is important that you evaluate if they are able to function well in these areas. Ensure that they can see you well or that their hands are strong enough to write. This way, they can still respond to you.

  • Anticipate their needs

    When your loved one will try to speak to you, be conscious about their facial expressions. You might mistake their grimaces or restlessness as expressions of pain. Yet, they just want to tell you something. When you are familiar with what they need, you will discern what their expressions mean. If ever they show expressions of real pain, providers of Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland can help them out if needed.

  • Practice how to read lips

    Indeed, verbal communication is challenging for your loved one who is going through tracheostomy care. Yet, you can overcome this by learning how to read their lips. It may take time to learn but constant practice can help.

  • Use Communication Devices

    For some patients, it can also help if you use devices to aid their communication. You can use writing boards or flashcards with letters. It’s important to give them tools to communicate even when they are unable to speak.

At Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC, we will help you provide quality assistance to your loved one who is on tracheostomy care. If they ever require assisted living, you can inquire from us on how we can help you address this need. Set an appointment with us to assess your loved one’s condition.

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