What Causes a Spinal Cord Injury?

There are many causes of spinal cord injury. Damage to any part of the spinal cord, including the nerves at the end, may lead to permanent damage to a person’s sensitivity to sensation and strength.
A spinal cord injury is very serious, especially in the case of seniors. If you need assistance for your loved one, skilled nursing in Maryland offers support for these special needs.
Parts of the spinal cord that may get damaged include the ligaments or vertebrae. Damage can be traumatic, resulting from a sudden and massive blow to the spine. Traumatic spinal cord injury caused by accidents could result in the dislocation or fracture of bones.
Following spinal cord damage, additional issues may arise. There may be cases of bleeding, inflammation, or swelling around the spinal cord. This can happen in the following days or weeks. For adults in an assisted living facility, a cautious care program is always observed.
The impact of this injury depends on where the specific damage happened and its severity. The ability to feel and the ability to move also occurs in a range. Some patients retain all sensory feelings and certain motor functions. Others may have lost some sensory functions.
While the situation certainly brings a huge impact on the individual and the family, many scientists are looking to bring advances in the study of spinal cord injuries. Technologies and research studies around the world are contributing to how treatments and rehabilitation programs are prepared for patients to have productive and independent lives.
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