Why You Need Skilled Nurses to Manage Your Medications

Is your senior loved one taking more than one medication in a day? It can be a normal occurrence for seniors due to their age-related conditions. When they are in this scenario, it’s very important to monitor their adherence properly. When you’re not around to ensure this, a skilled nurse providing Healthcare Service in Mitchellville, Maryland can step in for you.

So how exactly does a skilled nurse help your aging loved one when it comes to their medications? Consider the following:

  • Ensures Medication Adherence

    As healthcare professionals themselves, nurses know how important medications are and why they should be taken at a particular frequency and dosage. They will be there to ensure that your loved one is taking the medicine as instructed, because they know that non-adherence can result in further health complications. When your loved one is receiving assisted living services at home, skilled nurses will also include it in their care plan to ensure that their medications are really taken as scheduled.

  • Establishes Medication Schedule

    Nurses are also fully aware of the challenges in taking the medicines, especially on the right timing of their intake. In coordination with your loved one’s doctor, they can create a schedule of medications to follow on a daily basis. When the scheduling also needs to be updated, skilled nurses can also implement such a change.

  • Advocating for Patient Needs

    Skilled nurses are your loved one’s advocate to their doctor and the rest of the healthcare team. They have the full knowledge of your loved one’s health condition because they are the one who is at the forefront of medically monitoring their health. So whenever your loved one has negative reactions to medicines, or is in need of another medication, the doctor will know about it.

  • Education Patient and Family

    Skilled nurses will also educate the patient and their family as to how to properly manage their medications especially when there are no healthcare professionals around. They will also monitor if these instructions are complied with. Furthermore, skilled nurses will also educate on the proper storage of medications so that their potency will not be compromised.

  • Ensures that Medicines are Correct

    Skilled nurses also make sure that the medicines being purchased are the ones prescribed by the doctor. They can also prepare a list of all the medicines that the patient is taking so that those that caused negative reactions can be checked. They help ensure that what the doctor has prescribed is truly the one the patient is taking.

Do you have a family member who needs assistance in proper medication management at home? Our team providing Skilled Nursing in Maryland can be there for you. We can visit you at home or in your preferred location of care. You can arrange an appointment with us so we will know how to properly care for you as to your personalized needs.

For other inquiries, contact us at Byzantine Healthcare Services, LLC.

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